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Moving Process
One. Phone inquiries:
Arrange for staff responsible for receiving customer telephone consultation, a preliminary understanding of customers moving date, moving line, the need to provide boxes, whether valuable items, such as piano, safe, and so on.

II. Phone Price:
The telephone consultation, For small furniture relocation, the move is small, can use the telephone quotation, signed an oral agreement.

III. Free home valuation:
For companies, factories, mines, large government agencies and organizations, need to move large number of furniture items, then is a large move, our company is equipped with sales, free home valuation, and provide relocation advice and precautions.

IV. Signed a relocation contract:
On-site assessment of the relocation contract signed soon after.

Five. Provide carton:
(Other than complimentary, the packaging provided at cost price) before moving, if customer need to provide boxes, tape and other packaging materials, are carried at cost price.

VI. Time sent a car:
According to the number of items of furniture, dispatch the appropriate vehicles and porters, and then the customer specified auspicious days, people and cars arrive on time.

VII. Location services:
Furniture items classified according to the customer, the order on the bus; arrived after the new home, and then specify the location of customers, positioning display.

VIII. Satisfy, pay:
After removal, check whether the missing items and damaged phenomenon was paid to make customer satisfaction.

IX. Damage Claims:
Relocation process, if inadvertently caused damage to furniture or any items, goods damaged on a claim based on the actual situation.

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