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● How to save moving cost?
1, choose a regular moving company, do not look for the street moving company posted a small ad so that services can not be guaranteed.
2, ask the moving company vehicle type (convertible car or enclosed vehicles, size), moving company prices quoted are single trips price, so to minimize the move can reduce the cost of delivery trips.

● How to save moving time?
1, to sort out all the scattered things or packaged parts into a whole.
2, may require more than moving company to send more staff.
3, to a reasonable time and travel arrangements, missed the rush hours and congested routes.

● How to avoid the collision objects?
1, to the moving company must specify which of your staff are key protection items.
2, some items of special value for their custody.
3, some very heavy or bulky furniture such as cabinets, piano and other transport workers should find a few more, and someone next to the command.
4, fragile items, or fear of pressure should be placed on the top, the last loading, the first discharge.

● How to inventory items?
1. before closing with the moving company, be sure to check all of your items.
2. Check whether the placing of large objects owner requirements.

● Moving damage claim after the article?
1. for damage to goods claimed to be the actual situation.
2. for damage to household appliances, moving companies should be invited to the burden of maintenance costs, if the total damage, new products should be compensated.
3. If the claims process is a dispute, you can find consumer associations or relevant departments to solve.


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